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The Pork Sweater [Jan. 23rd, 2011|06:55 pm]

I have this sweater that I've been working on for several years now. It's the Skinny Empire sweater by Wendy Bernard, but my particular sweater is lovingly called the "Pork Sweater". This name came about on an L&V episode in which Violet asked me what the colorway was that I was using, I replied "It's called White Port", and with a horrified face, she responded with "White Pork?!?" And thus, the Pork Sweater was born.

This sweater has already seen a couple of reincarnations. I first made it just as the pattern directed, but decided that for my body type, I really needed some shaping (particularly with the color of the yarn, the first try looked a little like I was wearing a sack of potatoes on my torso). So I frogged it back to the bust-line, added darts, and shaped it. Once I got so far with that, I frogged a little bit and decided to add ribbing after the darts. Then I was presented with a conundrum...what design would best finish off this notorious sweater? I decided that a ruffle around the bottom would balance out the ruffle around the neck. I finished it off, happy as a clam to finally be able to put this item down as an "FO" on my list of projects. Unfortunately, I don't like the ruffle on the bottom (see picture of sweater). I've been sitting on this poor sweater, once again, with the intention of frogging the bottom bit and just binding it off in the ribbed pattern. Having tried on the sweater just today though (in order to take the picture of it), I have come to the realization that I now swim in it (hello, again, potato sack). You see, I've recently lost 45 lbs (purposefully, mind you) and I have no intention of ever gaining that 45 lbs (or a different 45 lbs, for that matter) back. So the question remains...do I frog the entire thing once more and remake the sweater in a smaller size to fit the new and improved me, or do I just frog and redo the very bottom to do away with the ruffle. Any of you knitters out there...opinions? Suggestions?

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Witness the Eeevil with which I am forced to live... [Apr. 25th, 2009|10:11 am]
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These are my kitties..."Scowl" (aka, Marble) and "Deeemon (aka, Morgan).

Yikes! It's really no wonder that I am afraid of the dark...

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Knitting the Godzilla [Mar. 20th, 2009|09:24 pm]
Quite some time ago, I knit a stuffed Godzilla for KB, from Knitted Icons by Carol Meldrum. I intended to post pictures a long time ago but am just now getting to do so. It's amazing how time flies by.

Godzilla is the first three-dimensional knitted object I have ever made. The pattern seemed to omit some essential steps, such as which way to attach the belly and where to attach the limbs. These steps may have been located online somewhere in errata for this book, but I didn't take the time to look and instead just soldiered through until he looked reasonably Godzilla-y.

At the time that Godzilla was in progress, my roommate and I attended a friend's birthday party. When we decided it was time to leave, we stood up from the table of young professional couples we had been sitting with, and the  roommate announces to everyone that we must leave because I  had a Godzilla to knit. Suddenly every eyebrow around the table went up and they all had this questioning look as if they wanted to ask but were afraid. While the roommate stood there with a big grin plastered on her face, D, another friend announced, "A Godzilla to knit? I like to knit the Godzilla too. In fact, I typically knit the Godzilla every morning while in the shower." I fumbled through my explanation as to what my roommate meant by her comment, as my face turned beat red and then I quickly shuffled out the door. So now, in my sci fi book club (one in which D and I co-founded), "Knitting the Godzilla" has taken on a completely different meaning than my roommate intended.

Anyway...here he is, in all of his yarny glory.

Godzilla socializes with the locals.

Godzilla studies up on neighborhood planning and development.

Godzilla contemplates the origin of existence.
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Update [Dec. 5th, 2007|04:19 pm]

It's been so long since I've been here that I tried to log on 4 times before remembering my screen name. Yikes, was it really in July when I was last here? Eee-ghads!

Just to update anyone who's interested, Zach and Godzilla, my two old men ratties, both passed away in November. Zach recovered from his surgery rather well overall, but it was really downhill from there just because he was so old already. He was eating, drinking, moving around, and taking treats from me until the very morning he passed away, so at least he didn't suffer for a long period of time. Almost 2 weeks later, Goz passed away in almost the same manner. They had good lives. 

The two new boys are doing well, and are as mischievous as ever. I can't remember if I posted but Skit was renamed Dexter and Paws was renamed Dieter (or DeeDee). They know their names pretty well now and like to come out and watch me spin (on the few occassions that I actually spin). 

I just finished my first class for my program...well, sort of. I have one last assignment due on Monday that I'm working on. The sooner I get it done, the better I will feel. At that point, I will officially be 1/12 of the way through. Ummm...yippie? It's going to be a long ride.

Work is still work, and I'm hoping that some other things work out by next fall that will allow me to move on and concentrate more on getting through the graduate program more quickly.

I got to hang out with KB's family on Turkey day, which was a lot more relaxing for me than Easter. I actually had a good conversation with his mom. They all seem to like me alright, and I really like them, so that's good, right?

For any of you L&V listeners out there, V accidentally lost several episodes that we had recorded, one of which included my post-birthday thank you to everyone who sent emails and e-cards. Oops! So for what it's worth, thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday wish!

I'm knitting sometimes, when I can, but I honestly don't even know what I'm knitting right now. I have too many things going to keep track and just grab the nearest WIP when I have 5 minutes, regardless of what it is. 

And on a completely random note, has anyone seen Tinman? It's good! I have seen the same bit of it twice now because I keep missing the beginning, but in spite of that, it's really enjoyable. I like the storyline and the cinematography.

Hopefully, if I can find the motivation to organize myself, I will get back here to post some pics of knitting and whatnot. I will admit that I am not of the personality type that can get motivated to become involved extensively in online goings-on, even when I mean to do so. If I had two of me or if our clocks had been based on a 48-hour day cycle, I might have better luck. Just don't be upset. I like you all. I think about you all. I'm just not here often enough to say it.

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Proof that I have absolutely lost my mind [Jul. 16th, 2007|10:43 pm]
As of this afternoon, I have two new family members.

Skit and...


They are 4-month-old males from the same litter. Whoever had them as tiny ratlings socialized them very well. And they are terribly sweet. It was Skit who stole my heart through the cage window.

See, as I was doing errands today, I drove right past the Nebraska Humane Society. I still had Alex's dog tag on me and had been meaning to call to let them know that I no longer had Alex, but since I had yet to pick up the phone to do so, I decided to stop and talk to someone in person. I got Alex's license straightened out so that I would not get a renewal notice, and then decided to see what they had in the "Critter Corner". That was Mistake #1. I walked in and our eyes met. There he was, little nose twitching, white fury belly pressed up against the glass enclosure. He had seen me walk into the room and immediately wanted my attention. He had it.

His brother was snoozing underneath a plastic dome. I looked at the other small fury creatures in the room as the little white rat followed me from his cage. I decided to go ask if I could see him. Mistake #2. One of the Adoption Counselors came over and looked at my application. We went to get the little white rat and I decided to take a look at the other one who was still sleeping under the dome (whom the Adoption Counselor so rudely and unnecessarily awoke while retrieving Skit from the cage...while telling me that she didn't understand the attraction to rats as pets...heathen).

Skit and Paws immediately found comfort on my shoulders. They stayed there, entangling themselves in my hair, while I made a quick phone call to a friend whom I knew would encourage me in favor of the rats. In the end, it was simple. You see, I had to take them home. While I was on the phone, they had entwined themselves so much in my hair that I couldn't get them untangled. Ummm, seriously.

They came home with me and are now happily lounging in their new ratty condo, complete with everything but hammock, which will soon be remedied.

Zach, one of my two older boys, had surgery today. He had a growth on his back that he was scratching and biting at. I finally had it removed today in hopes that it would heal and he would no longer have a gaping wound on his back. The vet also removed two little tiny lumps right above his right rear leg pit (?). She also found an abscess on his belly, lanced and drained that. The poor guy looks vaguely like Frankenrat right now. But the surgery went well and he will hopefully recover quickly. When I heard about the abscess, I quickly went to check Zach's cagemate, Godzilla, only to find that he has something on his belly which fits the description of what the vet found on Zach. So Goz and I get to go to the vet on Wednesday to get him checked out. I am exhausted and enjoying a much smaller bank account. And thinking that I should have gone to veterinary school.
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Gearing up for the Summer of Socks [Jun. 20th, 2007|10:46 pm]
The Summer of Socks starts tomorrow, June 21st, on the summer solstice. In light of that, I thought I would make a quick post so that I'm updated on the other projects that I've been working on.

Knitters Connection was earlier this month in Columbus, OH, and let me tell you that I had an absolute blast (despite Miss V's unfortunately-timed illness). I met a whole lot of wonderful people, and if for any reason Lime & Violet don't get to attend next year, I really want to make it back out there to attend the classes and such with everyone else. I managed to get pics at dinner on Thursday night, the second night that I was there. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant, but the food was quite tasty and the company was the best ever.

From left to right around the table, Miss V's friend, Sideshow husband, Miss V, Katie from Yarn Love, and Katie's friend (sorry but I have completely forgotten her name).

From left to right, Amy, David, and Gerald. (Added later: Gerald was our volunteer Starbucks runner, and I seriously don't know what I would have done without his help.)

And from left to right, Knitting Lizzie and Violet 913. These two were so funny at the live podcast recording. They were both working on their Chevron scarves, and held them up for show when I talked about mine. Violet 913 even spun her yarn up from some Cider Moon roving that is just gorgeous.

When I checked into the hotel room early on Wednesday morning (around 2:30 am), I cast on the Eleanor sock from Socktopia.

These kept me pretty busy during my time in Columbus. I finished one sock there and started the second one. They are now both finish and have been gifted to a friend of mine who has smaller feet than me, because I made them slightly to short to fit me comfortably and frankly was just too lazy to frog and redo anything at the time.

Right now I'm working on a new sock design that I'm almost done with (the first sock, anyway) but unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post. I have my yarn and needles poised and ready for cast-on tomorrow. My first sock for the Summer of Socks KAL is going to be the Walking Meditation Socks by Tara Jon Manning. If I stay up for another 45 minutes, I could technically cast on. Any to think I had plans of going to bed early tonight. Baa-hahahaha!
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OMGWTFBBQ? [May. 31st, 2007|11:37 am]
This morning I found an entry on Violet's live journal about how she just recently had an idea for a podcast that she could do on her own. So I emailed her about it. In my email, I told her that I've been getting a little burned out and thought that maybe this new idea of hers would give way to the possibility of L&V going to a bi-monthly or a monthly podcast. I thought to myself, "Hey, this would be fantastic! Fewer L&V podcasts can give us both a chance to focus on other L&V projects, like the book, designing more patterns, working on a new project that hasn't even officially been announced yet. V would have more time to do her solo podcast. We could both win in this situation."

As of this point, I haven't heard back from her. But now she has a post on her lj about finding a lawyer. OMGWTFBBQ? I never said I wanted to quit, so why would she need a lawyer? 

I know V has a lot of stress but we all have stress in our lives. I have a day job and just went through my annual review. It was less than glowing. I spend too much time on my personal email and on the internet...i.e., I spend too much of my work time getting distracted with keeping up with L&V email and looking for new yarny goodness. And not that anyone needed to know this, but I recently had to go out and buy new underwear and socks because I didn't have time to do laundry...because I had spent too much time knitting something to talk about on the podcast and organizing my items to go up for sale on the shop. 

I want to focus on some of the stuff for L&V that Violet and I have started working on. I want to spend more time doing some of the creative work for the L&V empire. I never said that I wanted to quit. I don't get why I haven't heard from her or why she's looking for lawyers. In my email to V, I suggested all of these (what I thought were positive) opportunities about what recording fewer podcasts per month might offer us. Now all I'm worried about is that I may have just lost my dearest friend. 

I hope that I haven't. And I hope that I hear back from her soon.
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Cthulhu is not amused [May. 10th, 2007|11:48 am]
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I brought Cthulhu to work with me yesterday. This is not actually a picture of Cthulhu at my work. This is a picture taken by Miss Violet from the depths of the fiber studio for the Lime & Violet blog. I don't have a camera with me today so I had to improvise. 

Today Cthulhu was discovered by my own disgruntled minion co-worker whom I "supervise". Soon everyone in the office had to catch a glimpse of the Evil Overlord (TM) and as they clamored into my office to see him, they laughed unabashedly. One office monkey even called him "cute". The nerve! Cthuhlu is not amused. I am quite certain that carnage is soon to follow.
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Another long-overdue post [Mar. 20th, 2007|08:45 pm]
By now, most of you who know me or read my lj know that Alex has gone to another home. This was one of the most difficult decisions to make and it actually took me over 3 months to come to the conclusion that I just could not give Alex all of the love and attention he needed and deserved. After all, it's just me in a small house. At the time I made the decision to look for another home, his previous mommy contacted me and told me that she was in a position to take him back. After several emails and a very long car ride, he's back with dog mommy #1, the girl who rescued him when he was a year old. This is the girl who cried when she had to give him up a year ago and the one he cried over at the door for a good 6 minutes after she left. This is the one person in the world who could possibly love him more than I do. I figured it was the universe telling me something and I decided to let it happen. I miss him greatly and my house feels very empty as a result, but I know he's in a wonderful home with several humans to give him love and his brother, Bruiser, to play with. Incidentally, after being separated from Bruiser for almost a year, the two sniffed each other for a few seconds and then played as though they had never been apart.

Here's a picture of Alex and me in the car as we waited for Dog Mommy #1 to arrive. It was actually a cool and breezy day in Tampa and we had a lot of fun the few days beforehand. The day before was filled with a trip to the Renaissance Fair where he got more attention that he ever dreamed of...okay, maybe not, but it was a lot of attention. We spent evenings in the hotel room curled up in front of the TV and went for many a ride in the car after the sun went down. As hard as it was for part of me to let him go, it was a good experience and I know for sure that he's happy and well-cared-for in his not-so-new home.

As for yarny goodness, I received my STR Rockin' Sock Club package before I left for Florida!!!

I started the Inside-Out sock and actually really like it. I haven't worked on it since the trip but hope to get back to it soon. Pictures are forthcoming, of course.

And today, I received a package from my L&V Yarn Pr0n swap partner! Oh, she wasn't kidding when she said, "Prepared to be spoiled!" I still need to send her a personal thank you, and I still don't know who she is on the messageboards. I must find that out! This person ROCKS! Check out all the goodies!

She (or he) is from Holland! There were cookies and chocolate too but they're...gone. I did eat the chocolate bar all by myself today but the cookies were so good and I was so excited about them that I shared them with the girls in my office. It seemed to make everyone's day and they kept telling me how good the cookies were. I can't wait to knit this yarn! There's also some locally-made wine that she sent me, I believe. My Dutch isn't nearly as good as my German so I really can't just read the label and haven't had time to translate it yet. There's also some hemp handcream that is to die for! I think it's sandalwood scented, which is my all-time favorite scent in the world! I'm sure I looked like a freak walking around smelling my hands all day, but hey, I have yarn and yummy things, so who cares!
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February - A knitting retrospective [Mar. 1st, 2007|12:54 pm]
Despite all of my intentions to get over here and post as I was working on things, it just didn't happen. So here is a brief summary of what I knit in February.

First for the month were these:

This is a basic K2-P2 rib pattern that I made using the Magic Loop technique (actually learned it while making these socks) with Trekking yarn , #108. Yardage = 459 yds; total yards for the marathon = 1244 yds

Next, I started these:

The pattern is Lounge Lizard and is an original design by me that is going into the book. I used Sophie's Toes in Froggy. I love this yarn! It's so squishy and soft! Yardage = 350 yds; total yards for the marathon once I finished them = 1594 yds. BUT before finishing this pair, I got side-tracked by making these:

This is the Alien Babies pattern, the first pattern that I ever designed. It's been worked and reworked, and this is actually the 3rd time I've knit a pair (on top of having someone test knit it). I used Lisa Souza Sock! in the Berry Poppins colorway. Yummy! I love Lisa Souza! The sock on the left was made on size 1 dpns, and the sock on the right was made on size 2 dpns. I don't care much for the pooling on the sock on the right, plus the fit is just a little too loose, so I'm probably going to frog it and reknit it on 1s to match the sock on the left. Yardage = 450 yds; total yards for the marathon = 2044 yards.

And somewhere in between these other projects, I knit these:

I will say right now that this picture does not do this yarn justice by any stretch of the imagination! This is Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn that I got from The Loopy Ewe. The pattern is the Roza Socks in the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits, and I knit them up on KnitPicks size 1 dpns. This pattern was fun to knit! On top of that, the yarn was wonderfully squishy and colorwize was like knitting up a painting. Interlacements has definitely been added to my top favorites list. I want more and unfortunately for my inner-yarn-hoarder (but fortunately for bank account), Sherry is currently out of this yarn on her site. When she gets more in, I'm in trouble. Yardage = 370 yds; total yards for the marathon for the month of February: 2414 yards or 1.37 miles. I had hoped to knit more than that. My goal was to knit 1 mile per month. Oh well, 1.37 miles still isn't too shabby.

Today is a snow day for the city. Schools and universities are closed, so I have been curled up on my couch knitting since 6:00 am. I started the River Rapids socks in Mountaincolors Bearfoot Thunderhead colorway. I had originally started knitting this yarn up into one my designs for the book, but the yarn is too dark and too varigated, and the finished sock turned out to be too big for my foot. So I frogged it two days ago and rewound the yarn. I'm ready for the heel flap on the first sock and hopefully I'll get a lot more knitting done today. Unfortunately I'm feeling the pull of other things that should be done, so I don't know how much more knitting I will get done.

Just yesterday, I picked up my Lime & Violet toe-up knee-high sock again. It's about half way up my calf and coming along nicely. Pictures of that and the Thunderhead socks will be forthcoming, along with my recent yarn acquisition... Bad, bad girl! Not only did I break my yarn diet, but I broke it 3 or 4 times over. It's a sickness, I tell you!
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